Last 2 Firmware has messed up Sound Playback

I’ve been using my WDTV Live for over a year without problem…until the last 2 firmware updates.

I have a mixture of movies that I’ve ripped over the years to put on my server, some in WMV format and some in MKV.

All have played flawlessly until recently.

The issue I have now is that when I have the WDTV Live audio output set to ‘Digital Passthrough’ it will play the MKV files just fine, which is needed because most of them are DTS and I have my sound going through home theater system receiver.

However, the WMV movies will play video fine but no sound, I have to change the audio setup to ‘stereo’ for them to play audio?

Like I said, this was never a problem until recently, and I’ve not changed anything else in my setup.

I would love to go back to firmware from 2010 if possible, but can’t find any?

Can anyone help with this issue?


Download the rollback firmware here and follow the instructions

Thanks for the reply.

I tried going back to 3.49 but the problem still exists.

Have you ever heard of this specific issue with WMV’s not able to play via digital, only stereo?

Seems strange and a bit silly when it’s all supposed to work through HDMI.