Large Data Copy/Backup from MyCloud (OS3) to MyCloud EX2 Ultra (OS5)

can anyone of you experts please suggest me the best (more efficient, safe and fast) way to copy a large amount of data (~4TB) from the old MyCloud device (OS3, P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00) to the new MyCloud EX2 Ultra?

I would like to avoid using a “middle man” being either a PC or a USB device.

Please give me some advice.

Thanks for your help and support.


PC is not the best option if the PC is wireless. :wink:

If wireless PC is the only option; then I would look to use WINSCP (using SSH connection into both machines) to do the transfer. With this method; the PC initiates the commands (and needs to stay running) but the actual data transfer is exclusively between the NAS’s.

(There is a way to be able to close the WINSCP window and keep the action running; but I lack that level of familiarity)

Why @dswv42 , what did you have in mind?

Hi @NAS_user, I said that I would like NOT to use a PC in the middle, but rather a command line (Linux?) or an app - since the MyCloud EX2 Ultra can run apps.

I agree that running an app from a WD EX2 can be problematic.

You might get the backup function to work to a network target. . .but I have not played with that. And I am not sure I would trust it.

Given the above. . .you want to run a command line program via SSH. The issue is . . .how do you execute that command line? The method I know of involves opening an SSH session from a PC. Then you can command a file transfer from one machine to the other. The actual transfer will run over the network and will not use the PC as an intermediary. However. . . you need to keept the SSH session open (but I do know there is a way around that. . .I just don’t know how to do it :wink: )

A PC drag and drop would generally have the PC as the intermediary and actually handling the transfer. . . which makes it slow.

Another thing to note. . . .you REALLY want a backup when you are done with this. The MyCloud could be the backup. . .or you should get a USB drive to store the data. (offsite would be best)

I new it was something like that. . . .frankly have not bothered.

For the few times I do bulk copying; I want to MONITOR the process - and do data verification - and I do it in some chunks in case things get messy.

I once made the mistake of doing it from the laptop wifi. . . didn’t take long to abandon that path. Note that USB Ethernet adapters are pretty cheap. Further, I use my laptop with a desktop hub that has multiple video outputs and an ethernet port.