Data transfer from MyCloud (OS3) to MyCloudPR2100


I’m a relative non techy person person so hoping for a simple solution. I have a 7-8 year old MyCloud 4TB device at about 80% capacity and maybe 18 months ago picked up a PR2100 as it seemed to be a better product. I thought it would be simple to conenct both to my network and copy paste the data (3.2TB) but I was simply C&P using File Explorer on a laptop connected with both devices. This was horrendous so I gave up and I put the PR2100 away - until all the OS5 emails came as I realised I would lose remote access to my older MyCloud.

So my question is - is there a way to connect my MyCloud to my MyCloud PR2100 and move the data (majority sits in the public folder, minimal amount in user folders). I have seen things like connect with USB / FTP and all that but I am slow to understand unless I have specific instructions :slight_smile:

Hoping someone can advise, thanks!


Do you happen to have this app. See image below. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

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Key word: Laptop.

If the laptop was wifi to your network. . . .that would slow the entire transfer down to wifi speeds.
For a simple file copy, you really want to have the laptop on a WIRED GB connection to your network.
m u c h f a s t e r.

ALSO: Consider using a program like WINSCP to use linux commands via SSH to execute the copy. With WIN SCP, the laptop still needs to be running. . .but the heavy lifting is done by the NAS and will work at the wired network speeds. The App cat0w suggests works similarly . . .although it has it’s own ideas about file structure on the target device (which are easy to work around)

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Another option in addition to those already suggested. Use SSH to issue the rsync command to copy files from one My Cloud to another local network My Cloud. One could then issue the nohup command and close out the SSH window letting the the rsync continue on its own till finished.

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Hey Bennor,

I know nothing about Linux commands and have seen a lot of people say things like “be very careful” when doing this. I would give it a try if I could get my hands on more info / instructions on how to set it up, run the commends etc - can you point me somewhere?


Hey NAS_user,

I will test out your “much faster” by having laptop connected to GB port, worth a shot.

Similar to what I said to Bennor - I am not familiar with Linux so if there was instructions on how to complete this, then I would defo give it a try!


Hey @cat0w ,

I got very excited about that Internal Backup app as I thought that would be my saviour but for whatever reason, I can’t find my OS3 MyCloud device listed as an option to transfer from - only the PR2100 running OS5 - perhaps something to do with that. I will dig around this option further.

What specific OS3 My Cloud device to you have and what firmware is it running? Are you using a OS3 single bay My Cloud running v4.x firmware? If so see if the My Cloud Dashboard > SafePoint feature will let you backup from the OS3 V4.x firmware single bay My Cloud to the PR2100.

Using SSH always caries risks since one is accessing the My Cloud at the root level where one can easily make a mistake and potentially brick or potentially render their device unusable. WD typically puts up a warning message about voiding the device’s warranty when one enables SSH through the My Cloud Dashboard. If you use SSH, you proceed at your own risk.

If you don’t know what SSH is and how to use it then you have some internet searching to do in order to learn what it is and how it’s used. Programs like WinSCP ( help with providing a GUI environment rather than a command line environment like Putty ( and similar programs for accessing SSH on a My Cloud.

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search the OS3 and OS5 subforums for using rsync. There are a number of past discussions on using or attempting to use rsync to copy from one My Cloud to another My Cloud or from a My Cloud to another manufacturer’s NAS.

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Think of SSH as opening a CMD: command line on a windows machine.

Now, in 2021. . .one hardly has to use the command line anymore. . .but for those of a certain age. . .DOS ruled!

WinSCP is basically a GUI interface for running SSH and LINUX commands on your NAS. I have used it a few times and have been pleased with the results.

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For those interested - I used the FTP Downloads app that is included in the options under “apps” on the OS 5 and that worked a treat - bulk moved my files (A-E / F-L) etc and was done in a couple of days!