Transfer data from WD My Cloud to WD My Cloud EX2 over LAN

Hi Guys,

i recently bought a WD My Cloud EX2 (8TB) and want to transfer all files and folders from my old WD My Cloud to it.

Both devices are connected to the same LAN.

The old device has about 3.7TB of data that needs to be transfered to the new device.

Doing it from the computer is a very slow and unreliable process.

can anyone guide a faster way to transfer it all?

thank you in advance.

Access the My Cloud (single bay/single drive) using SSH, enable SSH through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings first. Then use rsync to copy the files from one My Cloud to another. Plenty of past discussions on doing so. Plenty of blog posts one can find on how to use the Linux rsync command to copy files from one NAS to another.