Just rcvd new drive, packed poorly - how to tell if it's actually new?

Like the subject says - is there some way to tell if the drive is actually new? I’ve been a WDC customer for a very long time but I’ve never received a drive that looks shabby out of the box before. I know companies are cutting back on training and pushing for getting product delivered faster. But, should we begin to expect shoddy packing from WDC now? This looks like it was unwrapped previously but the seals on the outside of the box look OK.

You should return it back where you bought it from and get another drive.

Yes, that’s going to have to be what I do. At least the return/exchange policy is good.

update: I went to the store intending to check if another drive from WD was packaged as badly, but there weren’t any others in stock. The folks behind the counter assured me that it wasn’t unusual for the plastic wrap on the external drive enclosure to be bubbled and giving it the appearance that someone had removed the wrap and replaced it. So, I’m going to try it out and give it a try. Fingers crossed.