Are new Elements drives for desktop shrinkwrapped?

I received a 8TB elements desktop. do ive from Amazon. Supposed to be new. But the box wasn’t shrinkwrapped like I’m used too. Could this be a refurbished drive?

I found some youtube unboxing videos for ghe exact same 8TB drive. And they were shrinkwrapped. Mine had only two stickers sealing the opening of the box.

I have never bought a WD hard drive that has been shrinkwrapped … only sealed with stickers. All were purchased from Retail Chain stores and Retail Computer Shops.

The only reason if it was shrinkwrapped is maybe some retail stores in other countries do it to prevent theft or tampering in store ?

i wouldn’t worry about.

But, If you suspect it’s a refurb drive … then check the warranty status. A refurb drive will a short warranty period. (6 months ? dunno for sure, but it won’t be years)