Genuine or counterfeit

Hi guys can anyone help me or advise how I can check if a My Passport drive Ive just received off ebay is genuine or a suspected counterfeit?

This is all the information of the drive and the the Brown outer box, please note it did not come in the normal White/Yellow WD boxes, but a sealed Brown box about twice the size of the White/Yellow box. Inside was a White DRive and a cable wrapped in polythene bags. There was no user or warranty information.

A month ago I bought a similar item off John Lewis and that came in a White and Yellow box. Then a few days after that I purchased a similar drive off an eBay seller and that also came in a White and Yellow box, these seemed genuine WD products. Both of these drives had various leaflets inside giving user and warranty information. I believe these two drives are genuine WD products.

BUT the one I’ve received today looks highly suspicious. It came in a Brown box about twice the size of the WD White and Yellow boxes. It had no user or warranty instructions with it. All that was in this Brown box was a White drive in a polythene bag and a cable. On the drive polythene bag, there is a label off which I give you the following information. There is no country of manufacture mentioned all that it says is recertified in Vietnam Then it says PN: WDBYFT0040BWT-OA 4319V R/ND8B EAAGJA WD NLB.V.,Taurausavenue 1-39
SN: WX91D68EVL3A NL-2132 LS Hoofddorf

On the outer Brown box it has more information as follows: WD Model Number WDBYFT0040BWT-WESN UPC CODE 1071803784935 Work Week 43 Package ID FSIT426063 Drive Serial numbers WX91D68EVL3A

From the information I’ve given you, do you think this is a genuine WD drive or do you suspect, as I do, that its a counterfeit?