Need help in verifying legitimate WD product seller

I purchase an HDD online from here [Local delivery] Western Digital External Hard Drive WD Elements Enclosure USB 3.0 HDD Portable 2.5" Hard Drive External Storage External Hard Disk 1TB 2TB Suitable for PC Laptop Windows | Lazada PH Given their name Western Digital PH and having top seller badge and 90% feedback, I thought they were the WD official store.

Product came bubble wrapped and boxed in good condition, unboxed it, plugged it in to test and it was pre-formatted in exFat and showing 2tb, so I went ahead and copied 200gb worth of files into it to test, about 3 hrs later, it looks like the copy stalled and not copying any more, safely ejected the disk, replugged it and it is saying that the disk needs to be formatted, reformatted it as exFat as the instruction says that came in the box

But unfortunately, format cannot be completed, tried default allocation, and 512k but still no dice, same error

Contacted the seller and they are kind enough to offer a replacement.

But Lazada has a recounterfied This made me research more if they are really selling a legit and reliable product so would like to ask the kind folks here.

  • Are they a legit WD reseller?

  • Is it true that these type of hdds are only exFat compatible and cannot be used? I can live with it as long as the hard disk can be fixed whenever you format them to exFat

  • Are they covered under the international warranty?

checked it here and it is saying the product is out of region
Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 1.26.10 AM

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the reply Martok, haha. I’m hearing a ticking sound when the drive is plugged. Still hoping I’m not scammed and will get a refund to get the legit one.

If there are counterfeit products out there, are there ways to fight em back? It looks like there are lots of online store selling them and have good feedbacks and getting away from it

“Esmart Tech” is not how WD’s products identify themselves.

What does CrystalDiskInfo report?