Just blue dashboard, red drive lights flash once

Just came back from holiday and noticed my EX4100 just sitting there with a blue display but no words. Also no blue drive LED’s
Power button unresponsive so I removed the power lead and re-inserted.
Red drive LED’s flashed on once and the display is just blue with nothing on it.
Re-set button doesn’t work for however long it’s pressed.
Power button doesn’t work either.
Fan works as I took it out and connected it to a 12V source.
Not sure about the thermometer.

Now, the unit is plugged into a UPS and also my Nighthawk router.
The router wifi works, but doesn’t connect to the internet.
Apparently there was a lightning strike over our village which knocked out the power and the internet.
Seems like it took out my router AND my EX4100.
I have 4 x 4TB Red WD discs inside and I don’t know if they’re bricked and I’ve lost all data.
I am therefore on a voyage of discovery.
I would like to fix it myself, so any advice would be appreciated.
I will also contact WD to see if they have any ideas. Maybe I can send it to them and have them fix it, if it is fixable?

I’ve had to by a new one.
I opened up the box and the motherboard showed signs of very high temperatures.
The UPS and surge protection it offered was never going to stop the current from a lightning strike.
Looking at the damage, it seems as if the power surge came through the ethernet cable, not the power cable, but I’ll never know!