Red light on hard disk #2

Hello everyone,
I have recently noticed a strange noise on my EX2 so I went checking it and I saw that DISK #2 had a red light instead of the blue (it can’t be a good sign…). I had been using it for years as a backup system but I had not paid attention to it to be honest. My best guess was an electric issue during a storm but not 100% sure.

I tried to go to the dashboard and indeed DISK #2 is in error but it does not say what is the error. I tried to get a check report but it would not go through. So I did what I usually do as when the device seems stuck: reset the EX2. But now I can’t even access the dashboard. The EX2 is indeed back to factory settings and I can see it on the network but if the IP address loads in the navigator, I do not get the login screen. It does not sound very promising, does it? Before resetting, the dashboard would show DISK #1 and 6To, instead of #1To (I have 2 x 6To).

My question is: is there anything I should try in order to attempt at recovering the system or the data? The EX2 is more than 3 years old so I am probably on my own here.

Thank you very much for considering my issue and providing support if possible

If you had a power loss, it more than likely was doing a check disk for bad blocks etc… depending on size it could take a while, the red light was to let you know temp, power or something had occured to check the system. I would recommend not freaking out. If you did a factory reset was it a full 40sec or 4?Either way I would put the system into recovery mode and start diagnostics. If this is something you feel up to par doing, I will provide more…

Best regards,

Thanks Brannon for taking the time to reply.

I did the 40s reset indeed… Well, first I fear there is a damage to the disk because the sound it makes isn’t promising. Second I don’t know how to put it recovery mode, especially since I can’t access the dashboard any longer. I was told that if it is indeed a physical damage to the disk, running it will only make it worse… I was in RAID0, so if that’s the case, future does not look promising…