I've forgot my encryption password

What to do?

My first thought is figure out what the password policy is, to try figure out what password I chose. I have a vague memory it would not take some characters and I ended up making up a password I then forgot.

WD support was completely useless. I asked them about the password policy and they suggested to reset the drive and some questions. I answered the questions, like do you have access to the my cloud web YES do you have access to your data NO, still afterwards they sent me a how to gain access to the web. Then I called them, and they could not come up with the exact policy, just saying there should be letters characters and special characters. But I’m certain it would not take all special characters.

So here I am, asking for help.

When you format the disk, and lock the hard drive with an encryption password, what is the password requirements -exactly-?

I am on EX2 Ultra firmware, 2.30.165. I am pretty sure this version is vulnerable, and my data not at all secure. But I don’t know how to get to them, and I certainly don’t want to ruin the device trying.

If you can help to reset the password ( I don’t think the hard drive is encrypted with the password directly, rather the passwords is used to encrypt the encryption key ) or just can help me remember my password, it is appreciated.

How did you encrypt the My Cloud EX2 Ultra device?

If you Encrypted a RAID Volume on a My Cloud device, you can use a encryption key which can be downloaded from dashboard of My Cloud device and then use it to decrypt the device. You can have a look on below link for further details regarding encryption key.

Same issue. Can’t download the key because that requires the password. Any ideas?