Hi all

I have a windows 7 computer with iTunes on an extunal drive, my cloud picks up the small amout of music on the pc but not the extunal hard drive, my question is can I get the wd cloud to look in my hard drive, or if I plug the hard drive into the wd cloud itself would this work

Not sure what you are trying to do here - is it to make a back-up copy of your music onto the MyCloud? In which case check your back-up software is set to include the external drive. 


The backup is working ok, but you can put all of your iTunes library on WD so you can play you music from this without having to pug all the songs onto you iphone,the WD does find songs on my computer but I can’t find a way to make it look at my extunal hard drive where the iTunes is stored

Sorry but not sure I can help. I use something similar and all works ok for me but might be worth checking you have the both the DNLA media and iTunes server settings in the Mycloud dashboard both switched to on.