Accessing WD My Cloud Music via iTunes


I have the WD - My Cloud External Hard Drive - 2 TB.  I have set it up to act as an iTunes server and I have music saved in the Public Shared Music folder.

The drive is visible in iTunes, but when I click on it to access the drive it seems to try for a brief moment, but then defaults back to the normal iTunes.  It seems as though iTunes is unable to access My Cloud, even though it can see it.

Any recommendations please?  Are there some settings that I need to change in either My Cloud or iTunes?


Apply this patch

I applied the patch and still have the same problem (iTunes does not see the shared library). Should I see a change in the firmware version on the dashboard after applying the patch? (I don’t).


This is normal behaviour for iTunes if you set iTunes options to save music to a shared file on MyCloud. It will only show up seperately if you copy music directly to the file rather than through iTunes. It took me a while to work this out as the I saw the same issue with it try to access the drive for a brief moment, but then defaults back to the normal iTunes library.  What you are seeing in iTunes library is what is saved to MyCloud.

With new firmware 4.01.01-41​3 problem still back! Just tried yesterday evening… WD, what are you doing!!! :angry:

I have the exact same problem. Any solution?