Itunes not picking up my cloud

so for some reason my itunes will not detect my MY Cloud under shared libraries. this is odd because i had been able to play my music throught my shared folder on itunes no problem. today i tried again but noticed the my cloud is no longer available on the itunes library drop down. i have searched and tried a ton of stuff but still no luck. not sure what could have changed that its not coming up now. i even tried on another laptop which had no issues in the past and same thing, it wont find mycloud. any ideas


media serving is on

itunes server is on

on itunes

preferences>general>sources>shared libraries is checked

Is any other share available?

what do you mean by that? do any other shares come up in itunes? no.

i can access my shared music through the windows explorer no problem i just can play the directory through itunes like i have in the past.

I meant, when the iTunes shared library is not accessible any longer, is any share of the NAS accessible through the network explorer? I am trying to determine if this is an iTunes server issue, of whether the entire NAS is offline.

If no share is available, can you still access the NAS dashboard with the browser?

Yeah its accessible. like i said i can still use the NAS through explorer like normal, but for some reason, itunes no longer detects the drive. 

if i open an indivdual mp3 from the shared folder, it will open in itunes. so its just a matter of itunes finding the drive.

ok so i plugged in my laptop directly to my router through ethernet cable and mycloud showed up in my itunes…

whats going on here?

Looks like a Bonjour service issue with your wireless settings?