Issues writing large files to my WD green drives

I have WD 1.5TB and 2TB green drives installed in my HTPC.  It is an older system; OC’d 3800 X2 @ 2600 on water, which functions great as intended.  I just recently moved up to the HD world as far as my TV goes, so now am dl’ing everything in HD for the most part that I watch.  For some reason or another, I cannot for the life of me copy large files to either of my WD green drives even though they are formatted as NTFS drives under win7 64 Ultimate.  I can indeed copy files over my network to the 500GB Seagate sata drive just fine, but my whole system just basically comes to a stand still trying to copy any large files to either of the WD Green sata drives?

What is the deal?  It is definitely drive spedific.  Do I need to move on to another so I don’t have to deal with this [Deleted]?  I really do hope there is some sort of easy fix for this…


Glad that you could edit my post, but couldn’t shed any light at the same time.

It seems that running 64bit W7 is what is causing the issues.  I booted into 32bit W7 and the files can be moved at will without any issues.

Looks like a device driver problem. Can you install Windows x64 clean and see if that works better?

Hi Windows may have turn off the write cache on the drives try to enable it and see if it helps.

You should never use the write cache unless you have a UPS or other backup power solution

I sugest backing off on the overclock as well to be sure that the controller timings are not too badly affected