WD Desktop Green 4TB is extremly slow

Here are the images from HD TUNE



It’s brand new, and the cables and everything have been checked and rechecked and swapped 3 times now. I’m running windows 7 and getting lost by googeling also here. 

Gonna use the disc for storage only, not running software from it. But with theese speeds I might just forget that also. 

Any ideas since I’m getting desperate, this is my first time I’ve moved away from Seagate also and it ain’t fun. :confused:

Did an CrystalDiskMark with an 100 MB file. thank gods i didn’t use the deafult 500 MB.


Extremly slow, barly kicking 500 kb/sec write speed. and 31 mb/sec read speed. 

Try another sata port from another controler… if possible ? Can you connect your hdd using usb and see hoe it behaves? If this behavior continues go for exchange the Hdd

  1. Removed the hot swap and plugged the disc directlyh into the motherboard.

  2. wdidle3 /d

  3. Updated every driver i had with DriverBooster

  4. Went to bed

  5. Went to Work

  6. When back from work and no changed since point 1 and 3. 

  7. For the kick of it, ran HD Tune PRO again 

  8. This happend

  1. Think the disc is an keeper. Time will show. 

the picture is very small

i cant see it, but it seems ok by your response