WDC green drives keep failing


I’m having quite some trouble with my WDC green disks - 

About 6 months ago, I bought a 2TB WDC green disks. A few weeks ago it startet getting stuck when being written to or read from, so I did a SMART test and it wasn’t even able to complete it. Since the drive still worked a little, I started a very frustrating process of copying the data from it to another drive. I’m still in that process since it only works some of the time and around 2MB/sec speed…

To make up for the lost drive I bought a brand new 1.5TB WDC green, and another 3TB WDC green for additional storage. I moved some of the files from the ruined 2TB disk to the new 1.5TB disk (after performing SMART tests on the new drive just in case), left it moving files over night, and in the morning found out that the new 1.5TB disk is gone from windows, and also from the BIOS.

Now after this horrible track record and lots of lost data, I’m afraid to use my brand new 3TB disk.

Does anyone have any ideas? could my desktop be breaking them due to some malfunction or power surge or is the WDC green just prone to malfunctions? (note that I have an additional 1.5TB seagate drive that’s been working fine on the same PC for years now, and an SSD drive for my operating system).

Also, any ideas on data recovery from the brand new drive? Does freezing it really work?


Contact WD they can replace the drive model for you.

a failed smart test is bad news.  freezing it doesn’t really work, but I’ve seen stranger things before.