Issues with xbox one and WD Elementz

Hi all

I have a 1TB WD Elements HD connected to my xbox one.

Ever since I have plugged it in 2 weeks ago, every game that I moved onto the HD seems to freeze every 3-4 mins for between 20-30 seconds. It’s quite frustrating!

Moving the game back to internal resolves the issue.

Has anyone else had this problem or do I possibly have a damaged HD?

dunno if it’s drive problem or a compatibility problem

apparently the WD My Passport X … is optimized for for performance with the Xbox One, where a standard WD Elements isn’t.

A person here said the Passport X out-performs a standard WD Drive.

Thanks for the advice!

It’s shocking if the WD Elements doesn’t work with an Xbox One. I previously used a cheap USB 3.0 HD enclosure for less than £10 and a cheap 500gb Hard Drive in it with gave me no issues at all.

Checking out reviews, a lot of people have been saying the WD Elements works perfectly fine with an XBox one so I’m wondering if mine is actually faulty.

it could be :neutral_face: … but to run any diagnostic tests eg. WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

you would have to connect / format it back your PC , that’s kinda the only way to tell if there’s any bad sectors or if there’s something wrong