WD Elements 3TB on XBOX One

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I have looked through the forums and web for days but can’t find anything solid so figured I’d ask here, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. (Maybe consoles could have their own space in the forums given that ext-drives will be a big thing on next gen?:catvery-happy:)

As most of us know the Elements and My Book series work wonderfully with the xbone however due to the console not shutting down the power from the USB Ports the external drive keeps on running.

After some web browsing I found out what the light indicator means (this info should really come with the manual) and it seems the drive goes into stand by mode once the xbox is off. What I am concerned about is the possible damage this may cause to the drive over time (if any), I believe the more the drive is used the more it’s lifespan is reduced.
The drive does have a power button at the back but again no instructions on what it does as it might have a 3 second or 5 second hold the button shut down, definitely just presssing and realeasing the button does nothing. Again would using this feature on a daily basis cause any damage to the drive (already know it’s not pratical)?

Unplugging the power cord is not really an option nor is switching it off at the socket as its plugged on an extension with another 6 devices. Unplugging the USB from the xbox is not a bad option tho a little inconvenient.

I look forward to your suggestions/experiences :joy_cat:




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Can you please try pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds?

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Thanks for your reply,

Yes I can power it down that way but that means having to power it up manually too and not just that but would it damage the drive doing this procedure all the time? A bit worried about powering it down after hours of gameplay :grumpycat: