Issues viewing Ubuntu machine

Alright, so I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop (first time user), but cannot quite figure out how to make files stored on my Ubuntu machine, discoverable via my WD Live. I tried searching for some steps to make this work, but have come up empty. I’m new to Ubuntu, and eager to learn. I have already enabled sharing on my HOME folder on my Ubuntu laptop. I look forward getting this resolved! Thanks!

You’re going to need to run SAMBA Server.

There’s a number of Samba How-Tos around on the 'net…

In Ubuntu, one way is using a Network Share. You can right click on the ‘Public’ folder in your home directory and select ‘Sharing Options’. When you tick the ‘Share this folder’ option it will tell you what to do (installs Samba and asks you to log out then in).

Another way is using a Media Server, personally I am running minidlna and never had problems with it but there are other media servers as well. With minidlna, this should get you started. Setting this up takes more technical skills than the network share option so if you’re unsure then go for the first suggestion.