Network Shares for a dummy


I’m trying to access my PC through network shares and not media servers (or whatever it’s called) I think there’s only 2 options. I can access my PC throught media servers but not network shares and would like someone to guide me through what i need to do to set this up.

I’m gradually putting my DVD collection on my PC and want to use my WDTV live in DVD mode, you can only do this through network shares I believe.

I’m on windows XP


and this


Thank you for taking the time to reply;

I can connect my WD to my PC and stream video but I can only see my PC on WD as a media server and not through network shares. I want ot use WD in DVD mode and this can only be done using network shares. I’ve tried different things to resolve this problem but can’t find a solution.

What OS are you running and do you have the folder on the PC enabled for sharing?


Running XP

I have a folder named Films shared to everyone on the network