Issues accessing file or UI for My Cloud

If you are having issues with stability or accessing your NAS device. It’s due to the most recent firmware. I couldn’t get mine to stay online more than 30-40 mins without downgrading the last firmware.

One tip. Put the downloaded firmware in the Public folder and you can won’t get a “not enough space available” error.

Correction. That only made it run for a few hours before it died. It seems something else is going on.

same problem!
after upgrading to the last firmware, my MyCloud has became unstable and slow.
WDsync often prompts that the unit is offline, but after a while it start again to sync.
files.mycloud doesn’t find my unit.
Wdmycloud is so slow, sometimes the UI can’t load the main page.
also the iPhone app doesn’t work anymore…

how can I downgrade to the prev firmware?