Issue with streaming video files via DLNA

Hi, I recently purchased WD My Cloud.

My main reason to buy My Cloud was to download video contents straight to My Cloud and stream it on to my Samsung TV via DLNA.

However, I’m already having an issue. Let’s say if there’s 10 avi files (all same format) that I would like to store on WD My Cloud my videos folder, My Cloud app will recognize as 10 avi files but my TV will only recognize 8 avi files and if I rescan it or rebuild it on my computer, it will randomly show 6 or 8 avi files only. It also sometimes randomly duplicate the file on my TV as well.

Any idea what went wrong? thanks in advance! 

Hi leesol85, have you been able to see all of your files from the PC but not the TV? Be sure to have the latest firmware updates installed for the My Cloud and the TV. 

How to manually or automatically update the firmware on a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2 or WD My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive