Is anyone streaming MKV files from the WD Mycloud with out any issues?

I’m just curious to see if I just have an issue as well as a few others with the setup using the NAS or if it’s a known issue that wirelessly these NAS’s are pretty poor when it comes to wireless streaming of videos. 

I’m streaming 720p and 1080p movies in MKV with no issues.

I’ve got these streaming from the MyCloud to my LG smart TV over WIFI.

What is your setup?

i have no problems streaming both 720P and 1080P  on my old macbook

I’ve got a 3TB MyCloud trying to stream 1080p to a samsung F8000 over wifi.

Did you test your wifi bandwidth? You will need at least 4 times your bitrate available for streaming (no contention with other traffic) in your wireless speed displayed by Windows. So if you stream 15mb/s content, you will need at least 60mb/s of wireless bandwidth to make sure wireless bandwidth is not in the way.


I am having problems when playing mkv files, I have my Samsung HT-E5500 connected to my WD Mycloud it will play avi files but when I try and play an mkv it says the format is not supported.

The same file will play from a usb stick when connected to my Samsung HT-5500.

Would appreciate any feedback


Playing a file from a local USB stick is different from streaming a file from a network DLNA server. Can you play the file using a laptop and the DLNA client of the laptop (open MyPC, double click the WDMyCloud icon there. This is the DLNA client showing.

I’ve now moved WD MyCloud closer to my TV and it’s streaming flawlessly so I guess it was the distance and having to go through walls which caused the issue in my case.

Yes I can play the file on my pc from the WD Mycloud