Issue accessing via unc + hostname while unc + IP address works fine

Hi to all

I’ve got a problem with my brand new My Cloud EX2:

I’ve set it up to join my windows domain and it seems to work properly but, if I try to access the share via unc with hostname (from my pc wich is also in the same network and domain) it asks me for username and password…


If I digit my domain credentials (my user has the proper permission to access and r/w) the WD refuses them

If I digit “admin” (I mean the local admin) and its password… it lets me access the share (using the local admin’s permission)


If I try to access the share via unc but with the IP address, then everything works fine: it lets me access without asking authentication with the proper permission of my domain user.

The same behaviour occurs if I try to access from other client and/or users of the same domain

some other infos:

 - the firmware is updated to the latest release

  • Network configuration, DNS, reverse DNS… they work fine

  • Already tried to reset to default and restart from the beginnig

I guess that it should be something related with samba or DNS but honestly I can’t find a clue yet…

Any help/hint or suggestion would be appreciated




Please review the steps on page 117 of the manual as this might help.


 thank you for your response but it didn’t solve my issue. My device has already joined successfully my domain, so that configuration is fine.

The issue is only related to accessing the shares via \hostname while \ip_address works fine.