Is this WD 14TB drive new?

Hello, I just received a 14TB DC HC530.
I purchased it on Amazon as a new drive.
However the anti static was not permanently sealed as all new drives are, this was an unsealed bag with an orange anti static warning sticker used to seal the bag.

Through my own and corporate IT work I’ve never seen a new drive supplied like this, in short I think it’s a used drive, it’s also dated Nov 2019.
When I check the warranty status I get this message.

So at best I have 20 months warranty with the re-seller, if they are still in business and can be bothered, not the 5yrs that I was expecting.?

I also checked SMART data using crystaldiskinfo, it show’s no use but I’m guessing that someone who has bulk questionable drives to sell potentially has the software tools and capability to reset the SMART data?

I’m just looking for any WD person to confirm none of their new drives are supplied like this.
And what is my warranty situation?

Your drive is a rebadged HGST. AIUI, there are no commercial tools which can manipulate the HGST firmware in these helium models, so the SMART data should be genuine.

Thanks for that, that’s good to hear.