Used drive found in My Cloud 6TB nas

Has anyone else opened up their My Cloud device to find that they paid top dollar for a used drive? I’m reorganizing my nas storage and I decided that I’d put the 6TB My Cloud drive in my big nas. I found out that 6 years ago I payed $250 for someone’s used 6TB drive that apparently came out of a mirrored array as it has “1 of 2” hand written on it. What kind of s**t is this?!?! They sold me someone’s garbage. I think it’s time to ditch WD all together.

I don’t know about yours but I bought a 2Gb and a 6Gb drive My Cloud Home and both were sold as “refurbished” which means used but checked and eventually repaired at the factory.

This was brand new. Supposed to have been anyway.

Contact the shop/retailer that you brought it from, if you from the uk there are consumers rights that means the shop has to replace it for you or give you a refund.

In US. Bought it at Best Buy 5 years ago. I only buy stuff that is in their original packaging, unopened with the cellophane sealed, from local places. That’s how I know that it came from the factory that way. At least I know why it failed. The bare Red drives that I bought around the same time are still chugging along though.

problem with packaging is that it can be repackaged in a new box with new cellophane seal and everything.

It could quite easily have been refurbished and sold as new.
I don’t know what the laws are on consumer goods are in the states.
But since you have brought it 5 years ago, even in the uk you would not have any rights left on the sale.

But I doubt that WD would have sold it without its original parts and if was a manufacturing error, then at the time there could have replaced it for you, but 5 years is a long time.