Query regarding replacement of WD Red 4TB

New to the forum and have a question if i may?

I recently had bad sectors found on a WD 4TB red, i contacted support, ran the required tests which reported issues with the drive so was advised to RMA it as was still under warranty until later this year.

I have just today received my warranty replacement and I’m not too sure on the drive it has been replaced with so wanted your opinions. Upon opening the box, it doesn’t have WD Red stickers on it but says Recertified 4TB and as Western digital at the top of the drive, all text is black on white label. It also says NASware 3.0.

The model seems to be the same: WD40EFRX 68N32N0 but it doesn’t state WD RED.

So I’ve put the serial number into WD warranty status check and it shows this:-

APOLLO 5400 64M SATA3 6GB/S 4.0 TB 6HD NAS

I’ve never heard of an Apollo drive from WD. Is this actually a WD Red drive or not as I don’t want to put it in my NAS if it will cause issues? The warranty on this replacement drive is approx 6 months.