Third party WD Red drives relabeled?

Just returned two WD Red 6TB drives I purchased on Amazon because they were generic white label drives. Even searching the part number on the label took me to not what I paid for, but the drive that states “generic white label drive” for over $100 less than the WD Red cost.

Returned, got my refund from Amazon, but the seller is harassing me for the 1 star review I gave claiming a bait and switch, swears that “WD makes me these drives and puts my own labels on them so I can sell as my own.”

Seems a pretty stupid thing for WD to do, but I won’t put stupidity past any company. Anyone able to confirm or deny that Western Digital makes RED drives and puts other people’s labels on them to sell as their own?

Can you post a link to the Amazon review you posted?

Didn’t leave a review for the product. What I bought doesn’t even show up anymore, but what they sold me DOES show up. This is what they are trying to tell me is a “specially made for us WD Red drive that WD puts our labels on”

It even came in a brown box with a WD Red sticker and part number and all - yet this is what’s inside. I paid far more than the 160 they’re charging for what they explicitly state here is a “generic white label” product… But THIS is what they’re insisting is a real WD Red drive specially made for them by Western Digital…

Fortunately I bought two more for my 8 bay synology from Newegg which are arriving today, and I’m sure I’ll get actual WD Red drives, not this junk… So do they get “scraps” or something? People are actually claiming these match layouts of an actual WD Red drive, and some of them the ID sometimes matches with the utils, sometimes not. But the seller claims these are specially made for him by WD to label as his own, and that’s what I’m trying to determine, if WD does such a thing. Considering the effort they put into branding, I fail to see why they would actually sell “real” WD Red drives to third party people to resell as white drives for a lot cheaper.

And here’s a photo of the drive I took - looking at the foil tape over the screw holes, none look well placed, some have what looks like fuzz in them, indicating to me that this clearly wasn’t built in a clean room. If these really do have some tie to WD then I’m thinking the only likely tie is this guy getting dead or refurb ones and replacing parts on ones that had intact circuit boards so he can still get it to sometimes show as real WD firmware. I can’t believe WD would send anything out that looked as shoddy as this. My two new WD Red 6TB drives were just delivered, and looking at them, it’s night and day compared to the job of putting THESE little circular stickers over the holes…

I’ve passed this on for review.

Thanks, since I find it hard to believe as this guy states that these are “legitimate WD Red drives that are built for me to sell as my own.”


Not worried, already got my money back, ordered WD Red drives from newegg and got them, my synology is rebuilding as I type this. But Amazon said they will take action provided I can come up with something definitive to show they are giving false info.

So I’m hoping I can get something somewhere that may help that happen…

Thanks, since this just seems insanely WRONG for them to be claiming what they are. Especially when their tamper stickers over the screws are done so poorly and you can see fuzz and junk stuck in them – this wasn’t produced by WD that assembles, I assume, in a clean environment…


Sounded like a scam from the get-go,

WoW had never seen this before. fake WD hard drives.
I wonder if Amazon or WD have done anything to stop that seller from ripping people off.