Did I recived a faked WD RED HDD?

Hey guys!
Maybe you can help me :grimacing: .
Today i recived my third HDD from WD. Iam not sure if this is an original WD HDD because it looks different then the other ones. (There is no Barcode, the Print layout is different.)
I hope you can answer if my new HDD is a fake or not :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your support!

If you ordered it directly from WD … i’m pretty sure WD are not in the business of shipping out ‘fake’ hard drives to customers. :wink:

Fake hard drives will have fake serial numbers and not be able to be registered for warranty.

So, go ahead and register it for warranty purposes and hope you don’t get knocked back.

thanks for your answer :slight_smile: .
No I didnt purchased it directly from WD if got it from an online store.

Thanks for your tip. The registration was successful. So now Iam sure that this is an original drive :slight_smile:

the hard drives sold to the OEM computer assemblers do use a different label because of warranty liability.
hard drives are high precision devices and made with very expensive tooling so it’s unlikely that a random chinese company could even counterfeit them

I purchased a WD Blue 2.5" 1TB hdd from Amazon. It arrived loose in a brown card envelope.
On the label it said NewItem and the manufacture date was 31st January 2018 - 16 months old.
After intitialising and formating I looked at the SMART data. It had been used for 4 hours, turned on and off 21 times and had 140 reallocated sectors. I then cloned my laptops 1TB hdd to it. When it was 2/3rds done the program aborted with 8,000 write errors.
Amazon had sold me an old used defective drive!!!
I returned it for a replacement. The replacement was also just popped into a brown card envelope. It was manufactured on 3rd february 2018. Also 16 months old. I did not bother to go any further with it and sent it back this time for full refund.
I have now ordered the drive from the WD online store. I hope this one will be proper when it arrives.