How to check if a WD Elements drive is genuine or fake?

Hello, I bought a WD Elements 5TB on Amazon beacause it was on sale. I bought it because I was sure it was genuine and not counterfeit because it was sold by Amazon. Now I read that also if something is sold by Amazon, it’s not 100% sure that it is genuine, so I’m asking here. How to check if it is genuine? I submitted the serial number on “WD WARRANTY STATUS” page (here Warranty Status | WD Support) and it has been found (it display the Model Number and other informations), is this enough to be sure it is genuine?

Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance

If it was a fake, then the serial number would not be accepted under the WD Warranty Status.

Also, fake hard drives … “fake” the capacity by using flash media or non-WD internal drives of smaller capacity but fool the OS in reporting a different size and Identifier.

If the WD Elements 5TB weighs 0.51 lbs (0.23 Kg) then that’s the correct weight.

If you’re really paranoid you could open the enclosure to see what hard drive is inside … but that will void your warranty.

Lastly, if the sale price was so low that it seemed too good to be true … then usually it is.

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Thank you for the answer.

the price is suspicious, because I paid €108, and on the Western Digital Shop it costs €170.

So there is no way that a counterfeit hdd has the same model number as a genuine hdd? I noticed that it says that the warranty expiration date is 27-jan-2023, but I ordered it 10-feb-2021, shouldn’t it be 10-feb-2023? Or the 27-jan is the date that Amzon bougth it? Sorry for the stupid questions, thank you again

Model Number … Yes, the Model Number can be faked

Serial Number … No, the Serial Number is a unique number used for WD Warranty.

probably the date the Seller on Amazon Bought it … and the 10th Feb is when you bought it … but the WD Warranty is from the original date of purchase.

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Now I’m pretty sure that it is genuine and I’m not paranoid anymore about it. Thank you so much for your help