WD Elements 5TB empty the first time I plugged in

Hi, I bought a WD Elements 5TB on Amazon. I’m pretty sure it is genuine (I made this topic). I plugged in it for the first time, and it is empty, there are no files. I saw a video on youtube where a guy plugged it for the first time and there were the “autorun” file, “WD Smartware Pro Free Trial” folder and a “ReadMe.pdf” file. The video is pretty old (2014 and it was a 1TB HDD Elements). My question is, is it normal that there aren’t files? Does it means that someone bought it on Amazon and then returned it? Or does WD removed these files from the new Hard Disks?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english

You’ve gone from worrying if the drive is Fake, to worrying if it’s been Used … what’s Next ?

You should have paid the extra €62 and bought it from the Western Digital Shop so you can sleep at night.

I’m sure it’s geniune (thanks to your help), if it is also new, this means it is 100% reliable, so there’s nothing next.

I asked hoping that someone that recently bought a WD Elements could just tell me if he had some files the first time(this would means that mine is NOT new) or if he did not have any files (this would means that mine is new).

Yes, I should have.