WD Elements Hard Drive - Help

Hi everyone

I have a 1 TB WD elements Hard drive for quite a while - around 3-4 years, yesterday I plugged into my sisters computer and I cannot find the file.

It is registering it when being plugged in and going into device management it is there and saying that it is working properly, however I have no access to my files.

Does anyone know of a way I can access these files? Or would it be best to go to a data recovery place?

I’m freaking out as I have thousands of photos on there and now there is a possibility they are gone forever


Does it still work on your own PC instead of your sister’s?

Did you “Eject” it before removal?

I don’t have a computer but I normally use it at the place I volunteer.
Do you think I should try it on that computer ?


Let me know what you find. I am having basically the same problem with my 500G drive.
The drive shows up briefly on my computer, beeps 7-3-3, then disappears from the system.
Like you, I have a ton of data archived on it that I really don’t want to lose because I used to think of WD as reliable.

Hi Everyone, I had the same problem with my drive and took it in to multiple computer places to have it looked at yesterday. Everyone basically said the drive was shot and my best bet was data recovery. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY TRUE. I have the My Passport MAC version. After some fidelling around and a lot of brainstorming with my techie coworkers, we decided to run “First Aid” in disk utility and my drive is back up and running as if nothing happened. All my files are still intact and it’s connecting to my computer again - so it was actually a really simple fix in the end. I’m sure there is a similar option in Windows [maybe someone more windows savvy can help here?} but before you pay very high prices for data recovery, I recommend trying this - can’t hurt. Just don’t format the drive as this will erase anything that is on it.