Is there any way of seeing what files are being backed up? Smartware keeps finding '000s new files!

I back up my PC’s C drive to My Cloud. When I first got the My Cloud device, 6 weeks ago, Smartware backed up 256,000 files over several days. Now, with continuous back-up set, it keeps finding thousands of supposedly new files every day and it now says it’s backed up 565,000 files. I’m not doing anything special on my PC - a few documents, emails and spreadsheets, so I can’t work out where all these files are coming from - 62,000 added in the last 2 days! I can’t see any way to find out what they are - there’s no log file of back-up activity for example, or not that I can find anyway. The backing up also seems to be slowing everything down: sometimes I have to wait for 5 or 10 seconds just for a simple document or spreadsheet to open. Anyone have any ideas or comments?

Are you doing a file or category backup? I have mine set for category but I don’t backup my email. I get too much and a lot of it is spam. See image below and under advanced view you can see I don’t have mail checked.

Have you checked to see where the additional files come from, see example image below.

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cat0w (USA)

Hi cat0w, thanks for your help.

I’ve been using File Backup with everything ticked except my Desktop (I use the Desktop as a sort of temporary location while I drag files to it from one place, rename or merge them, and put them elsewhere in my filing system, so I didn’t want backup copies of everything that passed through it).

Category Backup therefore didn’t seem relevant for my purposes and I hadn’t really looked at it further. I certainly hadn’t realised that the display showed numbers of files by type when you moused over it. Interesting!

So I switched to Category Backup and let it run and it shows 79,700 files backed up, which compares with the 566,600 files that it’s showing in File Backup mode. Do you have any idea why the numbers should be so astonishingly different?

Any thoughts on whether the slowing down of the functioning of the PC is related to the massive backup exercise it’s been having to cope with in File Backup mode? I shall be interested to see if it persists now I’ve defaulted to Category Backup mode.