WD, how to check back up is working

I have Version 1116, I made a back up, and then I would to see if the back up is ok.

I go to WD Smartware and see 5 folders with these type of name C43435698TD54895868686.

In each folder I see only part of my files

Is that OK ??



For the SmartWare backup did you choose file or category backup? You can view the Help tab and find out more information.

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cat0w (USA)


I chooose CATEGORY back up. I DID read the Help, but nothing appeared.



What all did you choose to backup under the Advanced View? See image below.

I use category back up too and I havn’t had any problems. I do have version 2.4.6 of SmartWare on my PC’s. Below is an image of how my tax files look on my PC as compared to my My Cloud. You can see they are the same, nothing missing. Use this link for a better view of this image.

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cat0w (USA)