My Cloud versus my WD External Hard Drive

Currently backing up documents, photos, emails etc continually to My Cloud using the WD Smartware. I also use a WD external hard drive to back up my original photos only. Problemis, I think, whenever I plug in the external hard drive, the WD Smartware seems to find it and starts backing up everything My Cloud backs up!! How can I avoid this happening please?

Hello there,

when you go to backup, you should be able to see an option to select what types of files you want to backup. Try this, on the backup to your USB drive just select photos, or you can do a file backup and select a specific folder to backup.

Hope this helps.

On the Backup screen in Smartware there is the option to change the backup from “Category Backup” to “File Backup”. File Backup allows you to select specific files/folders/drives to back up rather than backing up just specific categories of files.

See Chapter 5 Backing Up Files in the WD Smartware User Manual ( for more information on backing up files and how to change between Category Backup and File Backup.