Is the EX2 better than the white single My Cloud

Hi there,

I bought the 4tb white My Cloud about a year ago and have had lots of problems. I’m a mac user and I’ve had corrupted backups, slow performance, dropping off the network and recently untold issues trying to move large files back. The only good thing about it is it taught me to use Linux! I’ve had to do the linux disabling tricks to stop scanning etc so it actual works and more recently had to use linux to compress folders to get them back off the drive.

Anyway, my biggest gripe is that I bought the new Apple TV as soon as I saw Plex had released an App and then discovered that my model does not support it. Got me thinking though, I have a 4tb HD in the unit and also an old Seagate GoFlex Home 3TB NAS. It has the barracuda drive so I’m thinking I get an empty EX2 and stick my HDs in there. Then I have Plex and I’m hoping a more stable, reliable and faster NAS.

My question is - do I do it? Will it be better? Should I see an end to some of the problems I’ve had so far? Presumably it has different software on it? Any guidance from people that have had problems would be much appreciated.

Yes, Plex App is now available for Apple TV. But Plex is a beast as soon as you unleash some nice features like transcoding. Then you need a good CPU and a lot of RAM. Therefore my personal recommendation for a Plex-NAS is the Intel-based series of My Cloud DL2100 or DL4100. Additional to the transcoding capabilities which are present on the Intel-platform only, Plex needs RAM, the more the better. The DL2100 and DL4100 offers additional memory slot where you can enhance the RAM by adding additional 4 GB of DDR3L memory. Then Plex is much faster in overall performance if you have a bigger media collection. I understand that there is a price difference between a My Cloud Mirror and a My Cloud DL2100 but if you want no stress with Plex and its features, you should go for the Intel-based DL2100, this invest is worth to be considered.

Correct, the App Center for My Cloud OS is available starting with My Cloud Mirror, the Single Bay My Cloud does not have the App Center.

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Sorry for not replying sooner and thank you for the advice. Looks like I can use the HDs from the MyCloud and my old GoFlex Home in that so will look to get an empty one. Appreciate the recommendation.

This helps thanks Jörg, another question… Does the DL2100 transcode? Also do you have any knowledge with OSX Photos Library stores on a WD DL2100?

Hi @jfm.griffith

Transcoding is a feature combined to video streaming, not to photos. Photos are transferred “as is” or may be downscaled in resolution but not transcoded from one file tyoe into another.

Regarding the Photo library, I have to capitulate. I know that yo uhave to copy the whole iTunes folder with all subfolders onto the NAS to use the iTunes environment within Twonky Media Server (the dlna-certified media player on My Clouds). Plex offers some iTunes related stuff too.

Here is the link to the Plex website reagrding iTunes Channels:

Hope the link helps for the iPhoto question.

Thanks for the response

Sorry for the confusion but I understand transcoding is pertained to video. I saw in this discussion you mentioned the DL2100 transcodes but haven’t found that information anywhere. So it was a question of validation.

iTunes I know the setup.

My main question was in regards to running the Mac OSX “Photos” application not iPhoto… on a NAS as the application has a self contained option to store the photos which is the option I and currently using vs linking the picture albums/folders outside of the application. Seems many people are having issues with the setup so I was looking for some suggestions from the WD family.

On Apples forum one user stated

“Although technically Photos can run as a reference library with the source files on a NAS server it is not a stable configuration. It’s not nearly as robust as Aperture was in referencing source files from servers. Most users end up with a damaged library at some time.”

On another forum:

You can move move the library but it’s not an intuitive process.

  1. Smb to the disk station folder of your choice
  2. ‘Copy’ the “Photos Library” from your pictures folder to your disk station
    Copying will take a long time if your library is huge. Go for a walk/nap.
  3. Quit Photos
  4. Hold down the Option key and open Photos.
  5. Click “Other Library”
  6. Navigate to your Photos Library on the disk station
  7. Make sure it opens correctly
  8. Delete your old/pictures/Photos Library
    If it doesn’t delete, goto /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and force quit anything to do with “photo”.

Skip 3-6 by dragging the “Photo Library” from your disk station folder directly into the photos icon in the dock and confirm your want to switch libraries.

This works nicely for an iMac since you’re always logged into your network.
On a MacBook your photos app won’t work outside of your network but you can always create a new photo library with Option key/ Photos app combination if you need to use it.

^^^^ this setup on a NAS is what people have eventually run into problems with.