My Cloud EX2 - Is it right for me?

Hi. I’m making the switch from using a Mac to a Windows PC after building my own computer for the first time (mainly for gaming). I currently have two Lacie 4TB external HDs packed full of video, music and photos. Of course, the drives are formatted for OSX (Mac OS Extended). I want to be transfer the contents over to Windows, especially the video. I’m a Plex user so thought the WD 16TB My Cloud EX2 might be a good option allowing me to stream my video. Could anyone confirm that I will be able to move my stuff from my Mac onto this and then access it from Windows? Also, when streaming from Plex, does anyone know if I can stream to my PC? (I have nice headphones on the PC so usually watch video connecting the PC to my HDTV via an HDMI cable). I’m also a Dropbox Pro user so thinking I could leverage some of the cost by moving the contents of that onto the My Cloud EX2 as well. Any advice would be welcome. Many thanks:)

Yes, you should be able to do that without any issues.