PLEX and the DL Series

This post is directed especially to Joerg_A WDStaff who said in a different post to someone:

Yes, Plex App is now available for Apple TV. But Plex is a beast as soon as you unleash some nice features like transcoding. Then you need a good CPU and a lot of RAM. Therefore my personal recommendation for a Plex-NAS is the Intel-based series of My Cloud DL2100 or DL4100. Additional to the transcoding capabilities which are present on the Intel-platform only, Plex needs RAM, the more the better. The DL2100 and DL4100 offers additional memory slot where you can enhance the RAM by adding additional 4 GB of DDR3L memory. Then Plex is much faster in overall performance if you have a bigger media collection. I understand that there is a price difference between a My Cloud Mirror and a My Cloud DL2100 but if you want no stress with Plex and its features, you should go for the Intel-based DL2100, this invest is worth to be considered.

Thanks for this info, Joerg. I have a DL2100 running PLEX just fine with the additional 4GB ram added, and I “get” what you said above, but I cannot seem to get to some of these additional features. In particular, transcoding and playing of ISO and MKV files with PLEX. I can’t even see these kinds of files in PLEX although these and Mp4/M4v files are in my DL2100 Videos folder along with mp4-type files. Only files I see are the mp4 files, and of course, they can easily be played with PLEX. Now, I only use PLEX locally and have not signed up for other PLEX features, and maybe that is the problem; I don’t know.

Anyway, what do I need to do to see the ISO and MKV files stored on my DL2100 to see, transcode and play them with PLEX? Thanks, Mike.

i just tried it… my movies are all in mkv containers (original qualities, e.g. dvd/mpeg2/etc).

unfortunately, the same old story: plex app is still just an app and all conversions happen in the nas. if you play files low quality, it will work, otherwise you get a message to your tv “Server isnt powerful enough to convert…” and the movie start buffering… so… the new update for dl2100/plex didnt solve anything. plex seems to be still the old dinosaur. i can play those same files with a free vlc without problems.

if you dont see files in you library (logged in dl2100/plex config), have you manually refreshed the library?

So, I presume you have a DL series NAS, correct?

Everything else can see and detect the ISO and MKV files on the NAS and play them, i.e. WDTV, VLC on computers. It is just PLEX that cannot detect and display/play them. The are in one folder, and the mp4 files are in another folder, and as I said PLEX sees the contents of that folder and can play them via PLEX app on PC, and also to the Roku PLEX app.

PLEX seems to be a favorite app by many for playing music and video, but I am still having a tough time appreciating it, when I have other excellent ways to easily find and play my media files, such as on a WDTV, VLC on PCs,and even Kodi app on a FireTV stick, and mobile apps that can play my music and videos perfectly at home and remotely on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

So when you log in the dl2100, then go to the apps and select plex, you click the config button and finally end up to the video library. Dont you see those vids here? If not, try to update/refresh the library manually and check that the path for movies has been configured right (movies from the left, then settings icon, edit library, add folders).

as you can see, i have only one movie folder. if you have two, are those both folders here?

“Update my library automatically” in plex settings doesnt work for me, only manually refreshing if the library has changed (e.g. added new files to the movie folder): select movies from the left to see your library, then click the refresh button on the right (a pic under)

OK, thanks, and I see my error: When I first set up PLEX last year, I had only set up my Movie folder with only one folder of my videos from my DL2100 – the folder with only my mp4/m4v files in it! I never set up a second folder with my ISO & MKV files in it. Duh, my mistake.

So, I started to do so tonight after your message, and it seemed to be going well, until it looked like it was screwing up and intermixing with my mp4 folder. I got frustrated and stopped the process and deleted my entire movie folder! Stupid, perhaps, because now I have to redo my original mp4 folder of videos, and I had made some edits to get the right posters into some of them. Sigh. I will start remaking the folder in the morning. Enough for tonight. I likely should make a separate movie folder for each of the two basic types of movie format if I really want PLEX to transcode ISO and MKV, and maybe it is just not worth all the added work involved. I’ll have to see.

I really appreciated your detailed post, though.