Is PR4100 any good for video work?

Hi all. I’ve just received the PR4100 (didn’t do much research on it, it was suggested by a tech guy) and I’m now facing some basic questions.
I think who has and intermediate/advanced knowledge on that should be able to easily answer to me. Let’s say I’m just new to NAS for this purpose.

I edit videos on my MacBook Pro (so no wired ethernet).
I wish I could use the PR4100 for video work, but I can’t easily find some very (basic!) information like:

  • PR4100 has 2 ethernet ports, what speed are supported? Is 2,5GBe supported? 5GBe? 10GBe?

  • I’ve already read some posts where experts say you shouldn’t directly connect to your computer. Why so? Because the mac would then unable to connect to the internet? And what if I connect the 2nd port of the PR4100 to my router?

  • I have a 1GBe router, what if I buy a 10GBe switch, connect the PR4100 to it, my mac via usb ethernet adapter to it, and then the switch to my router? Would I have both 10GBe transfer speed, and the internet?

I thought this would solve my storage needs… but I’m not so sure, please help!


You could simply google the specs…
It says gigabit ethernet (which is 1GBe).

By using 2 cables to a 2.5GBe router you may be able to increase your throughput and reliability (failover mechanism).

Speed gets limited by slowest link, in your case probably your wifi connection or your USB-ethernet dongle.

You should connect the NAS to a router, unless you’re a networking expert.
So don’t connect it to your computer directly (as stated in the manual as well).

Also keep in mind that WD reds have a r/w speed around 135 MBps so you probably don’t need more than 1GBe.