PR4100 and 5GBe USB ethernet adapter?

Does anyone if the PR4100 will support connectivity via a usb ethernet adapter?

Namely this one…

The PR4100 already has 2 ethernet ports… but I assume you’re asking to connect this adaptor in your laptop with a cable straight to the PR4100?
That’s not officially supported.

Also there’s no aquantia driver in the current kernel… so it won’t work out of the box

Im trying to add a 5GBps to make use of my router’s Multi-gig port and increase throughput. I bought the adapter, but alas it doesnt work. no drivers as mentioned above. Some other NAS solutions do support a USB ethernet adapter.

Hi, I wanted to use my PR4100 for video work, so this topic interests me, too.

Is anyone so expert to confirm there’s some way to directly connect PR4100 to 5GBe (or even 10GBe) usbc adapter, which would go straight into my macbook pro?

Thanks anyone!

Hi, I second this. Currently there is a plethora of USB 2.5G Ethernet adapters. WD should release an update that would have support for those. Otherwise people would start opting for competition or custom Nas builds