Is it possible to Map the MBL over a VPN?


I sit possible to create a mapped network drive of the MBL over a VPN?

We have two offices conencted via a Terminal Server and looking for ways the secondary office can access the drive and its data without going via wd2go (which seems to be a tad on the slow and heavy side)…

Sure.  I do that to my QNAP NAS boxes all the time…

The NAS doesn’t know that it’s a VPN, so connections work fine.

Thanks Tony!

Do you have any tips or advice on setting this up as a mapped drive over the VPN?

How will I find out the external or approperiate IP to use?

There’s dozens (or more) ways to do VPNs.   All of that is going to depend on how it’s done.

What I do is run an L2TP / IPSec tunnel server on a linux server in the “remote” network.

I use the built-in L2TP VPN client on the iPad to connect to that server via a port-forwarding configuration in the router.

Since it’s IPSec based, only IP will run in it; so certain discovery services don’t work.

Once the connection is established, the iPad is then actually logically “inside” that remote network, and I can connect to my NAS boxes using ordinary file browsing apps.   The only difference is that I have to connect via IP instead of by Server Name.

I use Dynamic DNS on my Router, and have a registered Dynamic DNS hostname that points to my router.   So even if the external address changes, the L2TP VPN clients can still connect.