Is it possible boot a DL4100 from a USB stick in view to recovering a bricked DL4100 NAS?

Interesting question. Is it possible to start a DL4100 NAS from a USB stick and into a sort of safe mode?


I might give this a try. Do I need a USB flash drive with specific features or will any USB flash drive work as a bootable device? This particular topic is very new to me and see that it won’t change anything on the NAS itself, it seems like it’s a safe procedure.

format fat16/32 should work, visit, this should help

Note that the files on are only for ARM based models, while the DL4100 has an intel CPU… so this is a completely different architecture and it won’t boot at all.

I think this ubuntu image should run out-of-the-box as well.
If you can share the rescue partitions, I’ll add them here.

Says who? =)

Please show the links for x64 based models: DL2100, DL4100, PR2100, PR4100?

But yeah, possibly the DSM installer is able to detect the architecture.
Note that this software resides in a grey zone legally.


Says you! Okay =)

I don’t get what point you’re trying to make.
That website is very valuable source of information, I only said that it’s focussed to the ARM based platforms, which DL4100 doesn’t have.

Anyway, the OP will most certainly appreciate your necropost.
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I have been trying to recover my DL2100 for the past week. @ [Myron] were you able to boot your DL4100 from a USB. can you or anybody help be with that

I read what i could and the result was that the intel CPU got corrupted , not sure about the right terminology. I don’t have skills or tools to replace the CPU and not able to find a motherboard.
any help will be appreciated.