Is it me. . . or. . . .( issue)

So - I have a Gen 1 mycloud.

It is not in daily use. . . I have an EX2 Ultra for day-to-day “playing”.

For some reason, I decided to get both of these units back on the web. And that. . . was when the trouble started.

So, I know all about port forwarding, the mycloud OS3 app, and what not. The EX2 ultra gets online (more or less) ok. Took more fiddling than I care to admit; but I got “Connected” with “Port Forwarding” established. The unit is nicely visible on the IOS mycloudOS3 app; and on

I use the same settings on the Gen 1 Mycloud. . . .except of course I have different external port numbers (and a different IP address) After lots of fiddling, I get connection status FAILED. but the unit is nicely visible on the IOS mycloud OS3 app; and “offline” on the


After going through ALL of the settings. . . it was DATE AND TIME INCORRECT. I was off by a few days (the unit had been powered down for a bit). Fixed the date. . .and port forwarding was established immediately.