Is Asus USB-N13 H/W ver. B1 compatible with WD TV Live

I know from Answer ID 3805 the Asus USB-N13 wireless adapter H/W version 1.10 is compatible but is the B1 H/W version compatible? Has anyone used it successfully?

WD TV Live HD Media Player

model:  WDBAAN0000NBK-01

firmware: 1.06.15


From what I have heard around.

If the item is not in the list for the compatible item, doesn’t mean that is not compatible, is just that it has not been tested.

So it might or might not work


I was also scared by the warnings about different revisions of USB wireless adapters, however I was getting desperate so I tried it out

I have successfully used an Asus USB N-13 HW Ver. B1 on a WD TV Live Hub (firmware 3.08.14 ).

That was great news for me since I had unsuccessfully tried another 4 adapters.

A lot of them do not work because the WD TV Live Hub dates back to 2010 and most of the manufacturers on the supported adapters list have released new revisions by now.

The good news about my findings is that the Asus N-13 B1 is manufactured in 2012, so it’s still possible to get new adapters which work with the Live Hub.

In case you are wondering I purchased my Asus N-13 at (There is also an American version of the site if you go to .com).

Good luck to you!

PS: I don’t understand why the store I bought the Live Hub at just doesn’t have a model of a USB adapter that would work with it for sale on the same shelf, they would be selling so much more hardware that way.

Well, I have tried the B1 - it does NOT work.

Noffica wrote:

Well, I have tried the B1 - it does NOT work.

Hmmm, perhaps you ought to ask Sabin how he got it to work.   :wink:

I’d kinda like to know, too, as it is 5G, and I am thinking of getting one, but the conflicting assessments of this adapter have me still wondering. . . .

Sadly, Sabin speaks of a different piece of hardware altogether.

Yes, he speaks of the Hub.  I have a Plus, so they likely are not equally compatible with this adapter, if they are at all. 

BTW, if you still need an adapter, I bought one a couple of months ago that is a wireless-n, 2.4ghz only.  Not on the list, but it works (it has same chip as many of the recommended adapters)  See my post:

Thanks but I’ve already acquired and successfully setup the D-Link DWA-130 (H/W ver. E1).

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Pls. let me know how to configure. some time am able to get wireless network show, once select the connection could not able to connect the router. get error that could not found network…

  1. Turn off the WD TV
  2. Plug in the wireless adapter
  3. Turn on the WD TV
  4. Go into Settings then Network Settings then select the network then “Automatic” setup