Asus USB-N10 no longer works with Firmware Version 1.06.15_V for WD TV Live

I have an ASUS USB-N10 wireless dongle that I’ve used with my WD TV Live, yesterday I’ve done the firmware update and upgraded to version 1.06.15_V, now my WD TV Live does not see the ASUS USB_N10 wireless dongle, so I cannot connect internet.

Why does Western Digital keep doing this? They’re messing up with some good working drivers every time they made a firmware update.

Now I have to rollback to previous fimware… :cry:

hi there

  • pls check key codes [wpa/wpa2/aes] if not changed



Weird, there was an USB HDD connected, after disconnected HDD and restart WD TV Live, it recognized N10.  No problem