Iphoto on mac only shows greyed out thumbnails and wont open pics

new user to mac, bought a mac book air and mybook live 1b drive

i copied all my photos from pc lap top to mybook

when i go into iphoto and access mybook i can see all my pics but theyre greyed out and i cant click on them

i can open the pics in the ‘preview’ app absolutely fine 

i asked in the mac forum and the first suggestion was to check what format the drive is in by looking for the drive on my desktop

 i cant find the drive on my desk top anywhere

i can see it in the ‘find’ app but when i click on more info it says ‘fetching’ but then nothing happens

do you have to install any drivers in order for the mac to recognise the drive?? i used the cd for my pc but the mac book air doesnt have a cd drive

im also hoping to use the drive to access all my itunes and now im worried this is going to be even more problematic


the drive will show under network

no need for drivers

you can map the drive if you wan

the drive goes connected to the router or computer via ethernet port


ive done that, it does appear sometimes in the network area…then sometimes doesnt! when it doesnt appear everything is connected, green light is on and the dashboard thinks everything is connected and working. will mapping sort this out?