IP Reputation Threats Reported by Comcast Xfinity

I recently moved and am in the process of reestablishing my Network at home. I have Comcast as my internet provider and had them at my previous location. I have a WD My Cloud Mirror which I primarily used for backup and Network Storage.
I know there was an issue with vulnerabilities were WD advised owners to disable Dashboard Cloud Access and disable any port-forwarding. Those are all implemented on this drive. I am also on the current version of the firmware.
Comcast keeps on informing me of IP Reputation Threats typically in the early morning hours when naturally no one should be accessing my Network.
I use Acronis as a backup software and it seems that many times my backup routines fail when these “attacks” occur. Comcast advises to reboot the device which I do and usually restart my backuos during the day with no issues.
Do I have to turn off all access to internet on this device to eliminate these issues? Basically disabling the Cloud functionality?

After turning all other internet facing services off, I was still getting these messages.
This is what fixed it:
Proceed to your MyCloud webpage,
Go to Settings >> General >> NTP Service, turn it off. Restart your router.
Haven’t seen one malicious attempt message since.

Thanks for the info. I’ve actually turned off any Web Access and I still was getting these messages so I reconfigured my net and put the MyCloud behind a switch. Works as a great backup device but not a cloud device
Thanks again

Still happening. Warning messages now so frequent have taken to hibernating the My Cloud Mirror after performing backups and then leaving it idle until i need it. Pretty expensive and useless device