Internal Storage not detected

Since turning the hub on today it doesn’t seem to be detecting the media files I have stored on the internal drive. This is full and I’m concerned that the drive is no longer working. It is finding the files I have on an external drive with no issues.

It did take an age to load the hub today and then asked me if I was sure I wanted to format the drive which of course I cancelled.

Has anyone had similar issues?

It could be that the internal drive of your Hub got corrupted o.o

I am now having this exact same problem. The only change: new firmware.

Seriously, this new firmware has ruined my device! How does one roll back?

I just bought my unit today, did the firmware.  I had the same issue.  I can see from my computer where I copied the videos to the share but not from the console.  It stated it was empty.   When I called TS they had me do a system default reset and that fixed it.

Just updated firmware, same problem. Files on the NAS are processed just fine, the ones on the internal drive are not being detected. Is there a fix for this?