WD Live Hub can't see internal storage, problems after firmware upgrade

Hi, I come from Poland so sorry for my english.

I bought WD Live Hub one week ago. At the beginig it worked perfectly. I transfered all the music, videos and photos from my computer to the device. Everything was working correctly both using the device and transfering files (I connected computer and WD to router). 

Yesterday I decided to make a firmware update (I had 2.08.xxx and I updated to the latest one). After an update, the device shows nothing in music,videos etc. What’s more, my computer detects WD but I can not map a disk or browse its internal storage. It seems like internal disk dissapeared.

I tried reseting WD, clearing library, reseting all data. Almost everything I read at this forum. 

Still, it is not working, and the internal storage can not be detected.

Please help :frowning:

Have you try performing a factory restore?

also through the interface of the media player, you will see an option to test the internal drive on the live hub… that should be under settings

I’m having the same issue with my WD TV Live Hub with firmware 3.08. The device says “Loading…” for about 10 minutes, then once at the home screen it “compiles” for 15-30 minutes every time it turns on now (never did this before). Also, it shows that the source content has been removed (the local drive). When I check the hard drive settings under the settings menu, it says there is no hard drive. Usually it shows a hard drive with xx capacity used out of 930gb or so. Eventually it comes back up after about an hour I can see the content on the drive again and it shows i’m using 269gb of 930gb. When I turn it off again and back on, it loses the local drive again and has to recompile. It never did this before, i was able to turn it on and have it at the home screen within 60 seconds previously.

Also, prior to this issue, i used to be able to access the media on the drive over my wireless network when the WD TV Live Hub was off (or perhaps ON, but in standby?). Now, I can’t access any content from my laptop over wifi when I UNC into the device by its UNC path \wdtvlivehub. I had it mapped as the W: drive also but windows 7 will no longer connect to it unless the device has been powered on and is finished compiling the data. Is my drive dying or imminent failure near?

Also to add: I did clear the entire library and have the wd tv live hub rebuild everything and this issue has not been resolved.

UPDATE 12/26/12: I reverted back to firmware 3.07 and this did not resolve the issue either.  I also formatted the internal hard drive and ran a device reset back to factory defaults. Still does not resolve the issue with it loading for 10 minutes. It is no longer compiling for 15-30 minutes because I have no data on the internal hard drive yet. Also, Still unable to connect to my device over my wifi network like I used to while the device was in standby (No light on front). It appears to never be in standby anymore, it’s either fully powered off or fully powered on. Perhaps this is why it takes so long to boot every time. Not sure if this is related but I saw that someone on the WD Community had a similar issue once his audio library hit 4,000 songs. Mine is right at about 4,000 songs too. Is this a limitation on the device that is causing this issue?